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The image of feminism in the American public system is usually Susan B. Anthony and others related to women’s suffrage. Never would Davis, or even Parks or McLeod Bethune for that matter, be classified as feminists in their own right in the average U.S. history class.


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Art Mile

Art Mile, A Week-Long Citywide Digital Art Exhibition, is in Full Swing

Happening now through Aug. 5, enjoy programming, live panel discussions, exhibitions, artwork sales and more.

Teens Organize an Overnight Occupation for Jailed Black Student “Grace”

Black Lives Matter in All Capacities organized a sit-in at Oakland County Children’s Center for the 15-year-old infamously jailed for not doing her homework.
Jewell Jones

Michigan State Representative Jewell Jones Needs to Grow Up

Jones was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives at just 21 years old, but the grace period for youthful daze is over.
childhood trauma

How I’m Learning to Wade Through My Childhood Trauma

Parents are imperfect people, and if left unaddressed, the hurt caused in childhood can show itself in the way we move through the world as adults.
Civil rights history

A Look Back at Civil Rights History

As we look forward, let’s also peer back at some of the landmark legislation, grassroots movements and pivotal moments in the fight for equality.
Racheal Allen

Racheal Allen, Chief Operating Officer, Marygrove Conservancy

This Marygrove alumna has returned to the campus to continue the institution’s legacy of educating the community and preserving history.
Tylonn Sawyer

Tylonn Sawyer’s Art Explores Race, Politics and Pop Culture

The visual artist is unafraid to upset the status quo.



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