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For those of us that grew up with the expectation that we could reform this system of injustice, that perception has been shattered. You don’t build a house on sand and wonder why it shakes.

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Fly, Full-figured and Fabulous–The Queens of Miss Full-Figured USA

In an ideal world, beauty would have no standard and contests set up to ‘judge’ beauty wouldn’t uplift only a certain pattern...

Growing Community Through Creativity

Doug Jones is a multifaceted artist from Jackson, MI whose practice encompasses everything from paintings and murals to video and garden architecture....

What Do I Need To Know About My Risk For Hypertension?

 Samantha Wein M.D. Contrary to what the name might imply, “hypertension” isn’t defined by overly tense muscles. It’s...

Celebrating the African Roots of Puerto Rico

Old San Juan. Via It’s no secret that African influence is everywhere. From cuisine to fashion, dance, art, music...

BLAC Happy Hour: Heatwave featuring Anteel Reposado

Heatwave 2 oz Anteel Reposado tequila 3/4 oz Cointreau1/2 oz Lime juice1/4 oz Simple syrup1 oz Pineapple juice1 Jalapeno slice (remove...

Seeking Nominations for Our Youth Who “Do the Right Thing”

The Urban League of Detroit & Southeastern Michigan (ULDSEM) is inviting community members, schools, religious institutions, and community-based organizations to nominate youth for...

Past, Present, Future: Celebrating Black Country Music

The GRAMMY Museum® and the National Museum of African American Music Host the 1st Annual Rosedale Summit