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Juneteenth is Independence Day for the rest of us who got the freedom memo late, and have been pissed ever since.


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Civil rights history

A Look Back at Civil Rights History

As we look forward, let’s also peer back at some of the landmark legislation, grassroots movements and pivotal moments in the fight for equality.
Racheal Allen

Racheal Allen, Chief Operating Officer, Marygrove Conservancy

This Marygrove alumna has returned to the campus to continue the institution’s legacy of educating the community and preserving history.
Tylonn Sawyer

Tylonn Sawyer’s Art Explores Race, Politics and Pop Culture

The visual artist is unafraid to upset the status quo.
Fresh Life Detroit

Our Favorite Black-Owned Businesses are Reopening but Staying Safe

It’s been tough for the city’s local businesses, but these spots are small, mighty and Black.
Billy Strawter Jr.

Meet BLAC’s New Publisher

Entrepreneur Billy Strawter Jr. purchased this magazine in April with a staunch commitment to amplifying the voices of Black Detroit.
Robin Carter-Cooper

Can Oakland County’s First Chief Diversity Officer Make a Difference?

Millennial Robin Carter-Cooper is looking to help forge a better tomorrow in a county with a checkered past.
Belle Isle

SEEN: Getting Back to Life on Belle Isle

After months of sheltering in place and weeks of tumult, we caught up with people out and about and enjoying a sunshiny evening on Belle Isle on Tuesday, June 16.