I’m Not Okay With Gray: How To Create An Extraordinary Life After 50 by Coach Michael Taylor debunks the fear-based paradigm permeating society that equates aging with physical and mental decline. I’m Not Okay With Gray: How to Create an Extraordinary Life After 50 is an inspiring resource written purposely to hopefully change people’s mindsets about getting older and empower men and women over 50 to recognize that the second half of life can be more fulfilling than the first half. The book explores topics such as embracing spirituality, health and fitness, technology, joy, financial abundance and more.

Publisher: Creation Publishing Group

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Overlooked by Pastor Dwight Buckner, a guide to learn healthy ways to manage rejection and feelings of ostracization, allowing the reader to unleash their internal greatness and defy naysayer’s expectations. Pastor Buckner initially operated as a friend to cast member Chris Williams, then quickly found himself as an advisor and intermediary between Chris and his fiancée. Pastor Buckner worked vigorously to intertwine and fix the issues between the two to salvage their love and grace for one another. Season 12 of ‘Married at First Sight’ has not been easy to watch — especially as the Paige Banks and Chris Williams drama continued to unfold. Buckner managed to get to the root of the issue by allowing both perspectives to be heard and most importantly, understood.

Self Published: Purchase https://pastordwightbucknerjr.com/


Release Date: June 2022

Dream my Child by r.h. Sin, a modern day lullaby. The New York Times bestselling poet brings his signature poetic style to children’s publishing. Sin and New Zealand illustrator Janie Secker bring dreams to life in this stunning picture book and illustrate the importance of rest. This book is inspired by family, imagination, and the exploration of sleep. With beautiful illustrations by Secker, this picture book is bound to captivate babies and toddlers as they drift into their own beautiful dreams.

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Release Date: September 2022

Boys Come First by Aaron Foley. This hilarious, touching debut novel by Aaron Foley, follows three Black gay millennial men looking for love, friendship, and professional success in the Motor City. Suddenly jobless and single after a devastating layoff and a breakup with his cheating ex, advertising copywriter Dominick Gibson flees his life in Hell’s Kitchen to try and get back on track in his hometown of Detroit. Meanwhile, Dom’s best friend, Troy Clements, an idealistic teacher who never left Michigan, finds himself at odds with all the men in his life: a troubled boyfriend he’s desperate to hold onto, a perpetually dissatisfied father, and his other friend, Remy Patton. Remy, a rags-to-riches real estate agent known as “Mr. Detroit,” has his own problems — namely choosing between making it work with a long-distance lover or settling for a local Mr. Right Now who’s not quite Mr. Right. Full of unforgettable characters, Boys Come First is about the trials and tribulations of real friendship, but also about the highlights and hiccups —late nights at the wine bar, awkward Grindr hookups, workplace microaggressions, situationships, frenemies, family drama, and of course, the group chat — that define Black, gay, millennial life in today’s Detroit.

Publisher: Belt Publishing

Release Date: May 31 2022

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