New York City, home to towering skyscrapers, bustling avenues, and, the brand — Glossier, a force for change in the beauty sector. With inherent elegance and unapologetic boldness, Glossier has set out a vision to revolutionize how the world defines beauty. Its mission expands beyond mascara tubes and lip gloss – it aims to reshape the beauty industry’s foundations. Through the Glossier Grant Program, it fuels the ambitions of promising Black beauty entrepreneurs, addressing systemic inequity, toppling barriers, and trailing a path to inclusivity.

Seeding Change: The Glossier Legacy
Since its inception in 2020, Glossier has channeled over $1.4 million into this transformative initiative. Aligning with more than 35 visionary founders helming 30+ groundbreaking beauty brands in the US and UK, Glossier strikingly redefines beauty. Through curated partnerships, fruitful mentoring sessions, and grants, these partnerships bring to the public eye an intoxicating blend of freshness and audacity.

The Class of 2023: A New Breed of Beauty Gurus
The 2023 Glossier Grantees embody the spirit of innovation and inclusivity. This select cadre of entrepreneurs, veering from the traditional paths, have set forth incredible brands, carving new narratives in skin and care. They push boundaries rather than rest within them — their visionary perspectives come alive through products that outshine those that came before. Allow us to take you on a tour de force of these revolutionary beauty disruptors:

Jordan Karim’s Flora & Noor – A testament to inclusive, clean skincare, Flora & Noor enjoys the unique distinction of being the only halal-certified skincare brand based in the US. Tailor-made for those seeking nurturing care for melanin-rich skin and chronic skin conditions, Flora & Noor is rewriting beauty’s playbook.

Kimba and Dr. Barb’s Kushae – Balancing modern science with nature’s bounties, Kushae is a tender ode to womanhood. Developed by an OB/GYN and ex-pharmaceutical sales consultant, Kushae provides pH-balanced, naturally based feminine care products, made by women, for women.


Ashley Harmon’s Mela Vitamins – Recognizing the unique nutritional needs of melanated individuals, Mela Vitamins offers the world’s first vitamins tailored for this demographic. It’s the perfect embodiment of Harmon’s motivation – serving a community underserved by conventional multivitamins.

Brianna Arps’s Moodeaux – A celebration of self-expression through libidinous fragrances, Moodeaux sets new standards in sustainable beauty. Expect nothing less than long-lasting, skin-caring, earth-friendly blends from this 2021-born brand.

Simedar Jackson’s Of Other Worlds – Born from Jackson’s quest for safe, effective skincare treatments for all, Of Other Worlds is redefining perceptions of beauty. Here, there is no compromise between “clean” and clinical.

Vernon Yancy and Jeremiah Regis’s Soss – A brand crafted for Black men, Soss’s grooming essentials inspire self-love, affirmation, and personal upliftment. With Soss, embracing who you are, and who you’re growing to be, is a rewarding daily ritual.

Making History, Not Memes
The 2023 Glossier cohort is doing more than just sprucing up the beauty industry — they are creating a legacy — a powerful testament to interlinking fashion, culture, and society. As these brands shake up norms and alter benchmarks, they take us all along for the ride on the high road to inclusivity and diversity. Together, they seize the future, shattering glass ceilings, and inspiring millions along the way. Stay tuned, world: a beauty revolution is underway.

2023 Glossier Grantees

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