‘A Community Collecting: Art from Northwest Detroit’ Prepares for Marygrove College

A Community Collecting
Photo by Asia Hamilton

The artistic taste in Detroit will get even more flavorful when the Institute for Detroit Studies (IDS) at Marygrove College and Live6 Alliance present “A Community Collecting: Art from Northwest Detroit,” starting March 10.

“Detroit is not a monolithic city,” says Donna Jackson, an artist featured in the exhibit. “It is diverse in culture, experience, talent and thought, and this exhibit shows all of that diversity through art and the different mediums used by these artists.”

Other artists include Monica Brown, Felle, Asia Hamilton, Darryl Smith and Megan White. These six artists are part of Live6 Alliance’s Detroit Neighborhood Arts (DNA) Project, which focuses on promoting walkability along commercial corridors. This exhibit encourages the community to meet – and greet – artists in their backyard. “People who come to this exhibit will see Detroit and see humanity,” Jackson says.

3-6 p.m. March 10
Marygrove College, The Gallery, 4th floor, Liberal Arts Building
425 W. McNichols Road, Detroit

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