Adrienne Maree Brown: Sci-fi Writer and Activist

s a science fiction writer, imagination is Adrienne Maree Brown's livelihood. And her imagination is a sharpened instrument, provocative and capable of evoking the most beautifully bizarre things.

Naturally, or shall we say "supernaturally," her dreams for Detroit begin with the uncorking of narrow minds, so all Detroiters may have a role in imagining a brighter future for the Motor City.

"My dream for Detroit is that the people who have sustained this city get the space to imagine a compelling future for themselves and their children," Brown says. She hopes that all residents and neighborhoods are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and continue to call the city home.

"Detroit needs all the informed imagination it can get."

Brown is a 2013 Kresge Literary Arts Fellow and the co-editor of the book Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements to be released this summer.


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