Marcel Stewart is a Detroit-born abstract artist who has honed his craft by exploring different styles, mediums, and techniques. Today, he’s best known for his bold explosions of color and thick brush strokes.

A lifelong artist, Stewart has become a master of abstract expressionism, and his works are characterized by a variety of hues, designs, and movements that bring his own theories of depth and color to life.

Stewart’s art has been displayed at many museum exhibitions around the world. He’s had the privilege of showing his work alongside internationally acclaimed talents, including the likes of Larry “Poncho” Brown, Paul Goodnight, and Marcus Glenn.

Stewart’s been a rising star in the art world since joining Umoja Fine Arts, an art publishing and distribution company committed to helping the Detroit area celebrate the artistic achievements of local and internationally acclaimed artists. He is Umoja’s resident artist and gallery manager.

Stewart has collaborated with gallerist Ian Grant to curate numerous art shows at Umoja.


An artist with purpose behind his paintbrush, Stewart has created several pieces in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and other civil rights movement leaders and anniversaries. These works have drawn the interest of several local news stations, fostering unity among diverse cultural communities.

Recently, Stewart’s work has been featured in exhibitions across the nation, including in New York, Colorado, Wisconsin and at Art Basel in Miami.

You can find Stewart’s works adorning the halls of many private collections throughout the US, a testament to the widespread admiration and appreciation of his talent.

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