Atomic Dawg Serves a Special Breed of Hot Dog Recipes

here are the hot dogs you eat casually like finger foods-during backyard cocktails and conversation with friends. And then there are the hot dogs you should be eating-the kind you roll up your sleeves, take deep breaths and ignore your friends for.

Enter Atomic Dawg-a "sausage emporium" and retro-inspired diner in Berkley featuring gourmet hot dogs and sausages, sandwiches, burgers, veggie burgers, milkshakes and other retro treats. And did we mention everything is cooked to order while the best jams of the '50s and '60s are blaring out from antique radios?

It's safe to say Atomic Dawg is the Mad Men of cool hot dog joints. So If you've got a taste for vintage and an appreacitation for a well-cooked dog then take notes. And allow these precious pups to be the foodspiration you need to turn your next party into a "dawg" house:

Hula Dawg

Pineapples, teriyaki with Japanese cherry mayo and more-bust out this island-inspired beauty at your next luau. Aloha!

Swanky Franky

Wrapped in bourbon-smoked bacon with jalapeño lava cheddar, here's where swank meets satisfaction.


BBQ Hog Dawg

With pulled pork, slaw and homemade barbecue sauce-it's OK to pig out.

Atomic Dawg is located at 2705 Coolidge Highway in Berkley.

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