Deniece Daniels is our Detroit Artist of the Week. A sculptor since elementary school, Daniels’ artistry spans over six decades. After graduating from Martin Luther King High School, she was welcomed as a sculptor for the esteemed Detroit Institute of Arts. Throughout her career, Daniels has nurtured and sharpened her craft under the tutelage of world renowned sculptors including, J. Holland and Janice Trimp. 

Her gift and skill earned her assistance teaching positions with Trimp for years. 

Coinciding with her art passion and practice, Daniels achieved a 36-year career with the Post office. Since her retirement, she’s returned to enjoy creating her artwork full time. With featured work at many art shows over the years, Daniels holds numerous accolades, distinguished medals and recognitions. Her art has been commissioned throughout the United States, Canada, France and more. Describing his mother and her ari brilliance, Immanuel Daniels says at 71 years old, Deniece Daniels continues to push the envelope with new, creative pieces.

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