Artist of the Week is E’lla Aimee Webber. Her creative flavor, professional acumen, and homegirl essence bring further depth to the artistic space of Grand Rapids. E’lla’s persona resonates within her work and character. Everyone loves an artist that can not only create but also speak to their distinct audience in a spectrum of ways.

E’lla credits most of her innate drive to elevate her game to her devotion to being active and available for her children. Her care for her household allowed her the peace necessary in life to expand the focus and find new ways to share their story. E’lla found a space to reciprocate the love back and it’s been a creative evolution ever since.

E’lla has graced Grand Rapids within artist expressions for over a decade. She’s participated in at least five ArtPrize® — an open, independently organized international art competition. Her artwork is sprinkled throughout the city in one way or another. Whether it’s the soulfully detailed mural on a building on the southside of Grand Rapids or beautifully oiled painting of Maya Angelou on your neighbor’s wall, E’lla delivers with pure artistic satisfaction.


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Instagram: @iamellawebber

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