BLAC Friday: Baby Let's Cruise

Sometimes you just have to say “Let it go.” Holding on to emotional baggage that’s been keeping you from spending time with somebody special, let that shit go. Come on baby, let’s cruise. 

Here at BLAC, when we say ‘Let’s Cruise,’ we mean, let’s take stock of where we are, what we’ve done and where we’ve come from. “Baby Let’s Cruise,” is meant as a call to action for the grown and mature who got someone they call “baby.’ It’s a demand to appreciate yourselves. Baby, let’s dream about moving on up with BLAC’s best apartments for sale series. Let’s also manifest some new dope threads during fashion season with insight on our favorite coat designers’ features. Last but not least, “Let’s Cruise” with the BLAC Fridays’ Playlist taking you away to appreciate what you have. Cause until next week, I need you to stay blac and keep reading.

With love,

Darralynn and Team BLAC

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