BLAC Fridays: Back and Forth
BLAC Fridays: Back and Forth

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It’s Friday and I’m ready to swing. Pick up my girls and hit the party scene…’s alright.

These are the words sung by our shining R&B princess, Aaliyah in her song, “Back and Forth,” and while she was singing about doing a sexy dance move; when we say “Back and Forth,” we mean, keep it jelly.

Sometimes you might find yourself in a rut, doing the same things day after day and seeing nothing change or any fruits from your labor. It’s tough to stay in the same motion, back and forth, back and forth. But that back and forth movement will certainly get you to where you’re going but is building strength and resilience in you. 

This week, BLAC features several individuals and businesses who are celebrating their back and forth; Memphis chocolate-maker, Phillip Ashley Rix, owner of Phillip Ashley Chocolates keeps getting more and more inventive with his creations. Then there’s Michigan State Rep. Kyra Bolden Harris who is running for the highest office in Michigan’s Court System and needs that last back and forth push from her people to get her there.


We want to especially patronize the back and forth of our local businesses like Chef Lloyd Roberts who is taking his side hustle of cooking Jamaican cuisine to another level, offering take out from his own kitchen. Get educated about the back and forth of your body when it goes through healing racial trauma and who to turn to when you need some help; it’s all in the pages of BLAC this week. And don’t forget our  BLAC Playlist this week to keep you moving straight ahead.  And keep it simple with a 5 ingredient side dish of maple cinnamon sweet potatoes. We got your back.

Until next week; 

Let this Funky mellow groove keep you in the mood

Darralynn and Team BLAC

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