BLAC Fridays Playlist: Here We Go Again

This week’s theme “here we go again,” can connote that we’re up to the same thing on a different day but that’s actually not the case. When we say “here we go again,” what we’re actually saying is; “keep doing what you’re doing.” There are situations that can make it seem like we’re living in a matrix of repetitiveness when in reality, they are preparing you for greatness. 

You’ll see a perfect example of this in our content on Black people in Detroit, Memphis and LA doing more of what they do at being great and getting people out of trouble. Take for example, Detroit’s own, Byron Allen who stepped in to rescue the Black News Channel or Google’s Code Next program stepping in to make sure Detroit students aren’t left behind when it comes to coding. Here we go again also means, over here at BLAC, we’re still introducing you to the best in Black culture; from music (check out our BLAC playlist) to art (check out Artist of the Week) and fashion (check out Stella Jean’s LinkedIn talk).

Because we keep doing what we do, we want to give our first 5 readers a gift of BLAC subscription. Send me an email at to receive your prize. 

Let’s keep doing what we do in excellence.



Darralynn and the Team at BLAC

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