When I ask for help, I often feel like there’s something wrong with me or that I’m not good enough. I feel insecure and inadequate. But the truth is that I ask for help nearly every day to run BLAC Magazine. I hate dealing with “adult” tasks like figuring out my taxes or how to lose this weight. I struggle with depression and insomnia, in which daily tasks and positive emotions can be difficult to muster, especially alone. I also know I’m not the best driver or math problem solver, and that while I have my strengths, I have my weaknesses too. That’s why I’ve always had mentors to help guide me through this crazy thing called life.

“Can you help me?
I think I’m drowning
And if I was, would you stay or would you go?
Can you see me?
Am I fading?
Cause I feel like I’m still searching for my soul”
“Pain’s My Only Home”
~ Zevia 

There are so many reasons to consider either being a mentor or enlisting this week; whether planning events and recognitional tributes for your ancestors like Zora Neal Hurston who had a birthday this week, or getting your financial house in order. BLAC advocates for mentorship and seeking the guidance that you need throughout your business, personal and spiritual journey.

This week, BLAC featured several BLAC authors that have launched this month and magazines that offer that support and encouragement and we also celebrate Mentorship Month and Founders Day to my sorority sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and my mom who made me a legacy.

If you ever need the motivation to seek a mentor or BE a mentor, this week’s BLAC Playlist is just what you need.

Until next week; 


Happy Mentorship Month and Happy Founders Day

Darralynn and Team BLAC

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