There’s always a state of reflection when a new year rolls around. Right at 12:01 we make promises to ourselves, to our friends and family and even to GOD that we are going to be better; be better; love better, laugh better. Some of us even make lists, create vision boards and make resolutions to keep ourselves on track and motivated. We’re right here with you in thought and in concept but really, it’s just a new year but we’re the same BLAC.

“I used to be the main one clubbing

But now I choose to stay at home

Most of my friends still thugging

This time the Gs full grown


I’m thinking ’bout my future lately

Whatever that may be

But now it’s clear to me

I can just be G ~ Ginuwine

Ain’t much changed over here, BLAC is still celebrating the life and work of great artists like John Sims, may he rest in peace. We are still featuring Black-owned brands and individuals that cover your legs and move them at the same time. We know that our readers live full lives, enjoying the latest reads and up for trying new recipes. So we give it to you on the pages of BLAC.

This week, BLAC is hosting a screening of the new HOUSE PARTY film by Lebron James. We’re inviting the first 100 BLAC Subscribers to be our guest Wednesday January 11 at 7:30.

Email me for more details at and don’t forget to listen to this week’s BLAC Playlist while you’re on your way to the theater. 

Darralynn and Team BLAC

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