no stopping now

It’s hard to believe that this is BLAC Friday #100. It doesn’t escape me that it’s on a Saturday. I hope you don’t mind the day hop. Last night we celebrated our 2022 StyleMakers with a fashion show with Neiman Marcus. Thank you to them and our sponsor Mahogany. Check out our IG @BLAC to see a recap of the evening. 

I don’t know about you, but there are some days where I look back and think, how did we do it all? I’m grateful for you, our readers, advertisers, the team here at BLAC, and the friends and family who continue to believe in the mission here at BLAC of uplifting Black Life, Arts & Culture. 

As we prepare to close out September, I’m reminded of a saying a friend has – attempting a lot, means you may fail a lot, but it’s the attempt that matters. Never give up. My hope for you is that whatever that thing is; be it a side hustle, a dream of owning a restaurant, world domination (dream big) comes true for you. 

Know that through all the struggle, late nights, ramen noodles and second guessing. You can do this. You are doing this. 

Keep striving, 


Billy and The Team at BLAC

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