It’s Christmas Eve and while the world is out buying last minute gifts and stocking up on ingredients for the big meal, BLAC is rocking the bell for Love.

“Good morn or evening friends

Here’s your friendly announcer

I have serious news to pass on to everybody

What I’m about to say

Could mean the world’s disaster

Could change your joy and laughter to tears and pain

… It’s that, love’s in need of love today.”


There are so many reasons to rock the bells for love this week; whether planning time with family or time alone, BLAC has got articles just perfect for reading and brands to experience.

This week, BLAC featured several BLAC lists from perfumes to family board games to the best black-owned burger joints; ringing the bells for love for all that we’re made of and all that we can become. Rock the bells for John Lewis who was honored with his own US Postal stamp.

If you ever wanted a Love fest BLAC Playlist this week is what we’re all in need of. 

Until next week; 


Merry Christmas and keep rocking

Darralynn and Team BLAC

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