BLAC Fridays Playlist Show Me What You Got

September is an active month here in Michigan; whether setting up for fashion season or preparing for fall weather; we get a chance this month to step up. If you’ve been waiting to see if it’s safe outside or reluctant to shine, we are giving you permission to show us what you got.

We’ve shown some of the best in Black excellence this week from artists exhibiting their best work at Detroit’s PLAYGROUND art gallery to Ruth Ellis’ showing off their new mural and safe space for the city’s LGBTQ+ community. BLAC is here for the re-opening of our own HBCU Pensole Lewis College, now the home of the brightest shoe designers on the planet. We want you to show us more of your greatness so we leave our door and emails open just for you to keep showing up. This week BLAC has curated a show up and show out playlist of tracks that will motivate you to keep on keeping on. 

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer and keep showing up


Darralynn and Team BLAC


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