BLAC Fridays: The Sweetest
BLAC Fridays: The Sweetest Gif

This weekend we celebrate the sweetest people in our lives whether that sweet thing is a loved one, a co-worker, a neighbor or perhaps a friend; Saturday in Detroit is Sweetest Day.

The idea of Sweetest Day as a way to promote sweetness, it’s now almost synonymous with Valentines Day. Folks give flowers, small gifts, love trinkets and, of course, sweet goodies to those they care about most. That’s why we purposefully profiled Black plant-based dessert businesses so you could keep it clean; We also shared an article that introduces a solo exhibit for James Charles Morris at Norwest Gallery and another introducing a season and sauce maker that holds down gun show participants. But the sweetest articles that were added to the website this week offer insight on new streetscapes being  placed on Detroit’s riverfront and the sexiest places in the D for date night.

Don’t forget about The BLAC Playlist to share while you appreciate those you love this weekend.

Until next week;

Stay sweet and stay tuned


Darralynn and Team BLAC

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