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Last week I used a phenomenal quote “In this current state, I am worth it, without change, without exception!.” and didn’t credit the creator of that phrase, Melissa Fredericks, author and motivational speaker who let me know stedfast, that I took credit for her work. Let me set the record straight because too often we focus on what’s behind us instead of what’s in front of us. This can be true in life, work, experiences and expectations. Your season of focus is here. What’s next for you?

Over here at BLAC, we’re preparing for a festival fall season with more live performances like the Detroit International Jazz Festival taking place this weekend in Detroit Hart Plaza or the revitalization of the Hamtramck stadium, our own Negro League piece of history. We’ve also prepared you for your future with our BLAC Friday playlist of songs that will inspire you to get focused and prepared.

Quick question, What’s Next for you?


Darralynn and Team BLAC


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