This week was both rewarding and tough at the same time. I experienced death in my family and the birthday of my 80-year-old mother so it’s hard to feel sad when we have so much celebrating to do while we’re still here.

“Elected to be the villain and certified a menace

Holdin’ it down since I paroled up outta prison

You heard about me, you just didn’t know it was me

All the treacherous, evil deeds of the D you never see.”


This week, BLAC features a handful of businesses and people that are making us proud, from the work of stylist Daun Green to the author Denise Crittendon, we are always rooting for Black. Even during one of the busiest and emotionally charged times of the year, we still bring you stories on how to support Black holiday films, Black advent calendars and even Black dolls to help build children’s self esteem. We’ve got you covered because at the end of the day, we’re all we got.

We want to especially patronize the artistic work of local artists, James Charles Morris and the Detroit filmmakers, The Chedda Boys as they carve out their artistic expressions and as always try something sweet this weekend with our Black folks recipes on Pecan Pie and Peach cobbler.

If you ever wanted a Pro Black BLAC Playlist this week is for you.

Until next week; 


Be Black, be proud and be aware.

Darralynn and Team BLAC

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