Say this to yourself “In this current state, I am worth it, without change, without exception!.” This is our message for the week because there are times when you can’t feel anything but broken. You yearn to be heard or be seen yet seem to walk through the world invisible to those around you. Thank God for the internet. Thank God for Magazines where you can see yourself, where you can be heard. Thank God for BLAC. This week we’ve shared a bit less of celebrity culture and more on black ownership, black leadership and black excellence. We know you’re worth; we’re just trying to help you see it too.

We see all of the things that Big Sean is doing to make sure kids have a safe school year and we see the beautiful creations being commissioned by Black artists at the DIA. We see what the Biden Administration is doing to try to live up to their promises And most importantly, we see you BLAC readers and viewers. We see that you are loving the new Sex column and that you want to see more Black businesses recognized. As always, BLAC has curated the best playlist of tracks that recognize your brilliance because we know that we’re not always seen or heard. But BLAC sees you.

Remember, You are Worth It


Darralynn and Team BLAC


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