BLAC STYLE: All eyes on the Big Fashion Guy

ore than 22,900 Instagram followers – catch up, tech luddites, this is the new measure of impact these days – can’t be wrong. @thebigfashionguy knows how to put together a look. Only recently have we begun to see atypical depictions of male fashion outside of monotone big-and-tall catalogues; IMG, one of the world’s largest modeling agencies, announced a plus-size male model division, while fashion-forward brands like ASOS are beginning to feature larger men in ads. Michael-Anthony Spearman, who blogs, vlogs and consults under the @thebigfashionguy brand, was far ahead of the curve.

BLAC: How do you describe your personal style?
MICHAEL: It’s barbershop quartet with a little Detroit flair to it. I like that old-school blend of 1960s but also thinking kind of current.

BLAC: What’s one of your signature pieces?
MICHAEL: I love my boater hat – I try to wear it with anything and everything, especially during spring and summer.


BLAC: Why is style important to you?
MICHAEL: Style is an important opportunity to express myself without speaking. It sets people up for how they receive you. You constantly have to break down stereotypes.

BLAC: Being a black man, we are faced with stereotypes upon first glance.
MICHAEL: Exactly. Sometimes you have to look a certain way, dress a certain way to get ahead. You can’t be bummy all the time.

BLAC: Who are some of your style icons?
MICHAEL: I had mentors, but I also had to teach myself to find a certain niche. But André Leon Talley (a longtime juggernaut at Vogue) is an icon … he cares nothing less about what people think of him.

BLAC: Where do you like to shop?
MICHAEL: The Salvation Army in Royal Oak – I love thrifting. ASOS. JCPenney. Tailoring is key – I get a lot of things tailored.

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