BLAC STYLE: Artist Ingrid LaFleur’s luxe look

ou’ll never catch Detroit curator and artist Ingrid LaFleur without some eye-catching threads – always. What she calls “Detroit style” is reminiscent of Paradise Valley in its glamorous heyday. When she’s not creating and spreading the gospel of Afrofuturism, LaFleur is an outspoken advocate for the re-establishment of an arts council in Detroit; it’s one of the few large cities without one.

BLAC: How do you describe your personal style?
INGRID: Detroit style: glamorous, luxurious, flossy. It’s the materials. We love fur, we love sexy shoes, our hair is always done, nails are always on fleek. Detroiters are just really attentive to details.

BLAC: Why is style important to you?
INGRID: It makes me feel good, more than anything. That sounds kind of shallow, but I had a friend who was going through chemo and she would put on her heels all the time to feel better. It’s a very deep way to feel good about yourself. The more depressed I am, the more outrageous I’ll dress.


BLAC: What is your favorite thing you’re wearing?
INGRID: My bamboo earrings. They say “Ingrid LaFleur.”

BLAC: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
INGRID: I like vintage stores. Brenda Jackson, who owns Vintage Fabulosity and sells vintage couture: I like it because it’s very luxurious. Rachel’s Place in Corktown has a really nice, wide selection. I like The Lowry Estate, which is coming to Detroit. After that, it’s kind of online.

BLAC: What is a signature element about your look?
INGRID: It’s my gray streak more than anything. People just really love the gray streak.

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