Genius Child
by Langston Hughes
This is a song for the genius child.
Sing it softly, for the song is wild.
Sing it softly as ever you can–
Lest the song get out of hand.
Nobody loves a genius child.
Can you love an eagle,
Tame or wild?
Wild or tame,
Can you love a monster
Of frightening name?
Nobody loves a genius child.
Kill him–and let his soul run wild!

“Let his soul run wild…”

This is exactly what the parents of pianist and composer, William Hill III, have done since his birth on June 17, 2004 by exposing Him to a wide variety of music, ranging from Beethoven to Earth Wind & Fire.  Then, when William’s grandmother gave him a piano, his family noticed that he had a natural gift while exploring the instrument for the first time.

“Can you love an eagle, Tame or wild?”

William continued his independent journey through the study of classical piano at the age of 10. His love of Jazz was discovered during piano lessons, where William’s piano teacher noticed that he would add phrases at the end of his piano exercises. This led William’s teacher to suggest studying Jazz as well.

“Nobody loves a genius child…”


William has received many accolades and awards such as the NAACP Gold Merit Winner 2019, the National Young Arts Foundation Merit Recipient 2020 – 2021; and he has attended prestigious music camps such as Interlochen Center for the Arts 2017, The Jazz Academy at the Lincoln Center 2018, and the Detroit International Jazz Festival 2019.  He is currently attending the Detroit School for the Arts, Detroit Symphony Civic Youth Jazz Orchestra, and the Michigan State University Youth Spartan Jazz Program.

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