The Detroit and Atlanta connection is stronger than ever before thanks to STARZ’s hit show BMF. Since 2021 the series has been one of the best crime shows on tv and an excellent showcase of Black acting talent. In celebration of their 3rd season, STARZ has teamed up with Black fashion designer Alex Ruffin to put together a series of jackets that visually represent the two cities’ relationship.

Ruffin, a Connecticut native, is the owner and operator of aTHRIFTEDtemple. He deconstructs old starter jackets upcycles them to create an entirely new piece. The concept is something that Ruffin spent years developing, he even taught himself how to sew just to bring his vision to life. Since starting his business his work has become a favorite within celebrity circles. Artists such as Westside Gunn, Lil Yachty, and Anderson Paak have all been seen rocking the aTHRIFTEDtemple brand.

The BMF/Detroit x Atlanta crossover is some of Ruffin’s best work yet. The limited 30 jacket release features the black and red color schemes of the Red Wings and the Falcons. Both sides perfectly mirror each other as if they were meant to be combined. And the stitch work is a clear sign that Ruffin is truly a master of his craft.

The only downside to this fantastic collab is the fact that it won’t be releasing to the public. Because of the upcycling nature of his business, the BMF starter jackets are impossible to mass produce. Regardless of that fact, the closeness of Detroit and Atlanta is something to be celebrated, and nothing has hit that mark better than Alex Ruffin’s newest pieces and the show that inspired them

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