Boyz II Men visits Detroit for a good cause

he '90s wouldn't have been the same without Boyz II Men. Their run of hits "End of the Road," "I'll Make Love to You" and "One Sweet Day" are embedded in our collective psyche. First Lady Michelle Obama even proved she was a fan when she broke out singing the band's cover of "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" during an interview at the South by Southwest festival in Austin this week.

The band is in Detroit this week for a performance at Sound Board at Motor City Casino as part of Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit's Harmonies and Hope fundraiser. Shawn Stockman spent the afternoon touring the automotive facilities at the organization's headquarters before their performance.

Goodwill's Vice President of Automotive Operations Kathleen Laird led Stockman on a tour of the plant floor, where about 77 people are employed and trained through Goodwill’s programs.

"It gives real world experience," Laird tells BLAC. "They get to take the things that they learned in the classroom, bring them down to the factory floor and learn to come to work on time, bring their lunch, go on break, come back, all the things that you need to be successful in a job outside of Goodwill."

Stockman took the time to greet the workers in the program, take selfies and even posted a few Snapchats from the floor throughout his visit.


So, Motown, Philly, or both? Stockman, a Philly native, has performed in Detroit numerous times and says his favorite part about being back in Motown is the people."This organization has been around for so long, and done a lot of good," Stockman says. "Goodwill was one of the places I used to go as a kid. We used to pick up a lot of clothes, a lot of boots and all kinds of stuff. As far as I'm concerned, it was one of the fly spots. If you went to Goodwill to get some clothes and things of that nature, you were like balling at that point. That's where I come from."

"I have an affinity for the folks. It seems like we know each other, in a sense. It's really nothing different from where I come from. When you see the people, when you greet the folks, it's like being back home in Philadelphia."

And like some of their musical peers, Boyz II Men is back in the studio. Fresh off a role in the Fox musical "Grease Live!" earlier this year, Stockman says the group is currently recording a new album, which he says will be out hopefully sometime later this year.

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