Al Harrington Launches Viola Vibes, a Cannabis Experience For Everyday People

Viola Cannabis wants to guide people towards the vibe that they want

Former NBA Star Al Harrington

Former NBA player Al Harrington’s business, Viola Cannabis, has developed a novel approach to customize the experience of its consumers. It’s building on its momentum from when it secured $13 million in equity capital at the start of this year.

A middle-aged guy is overburdened with yard labor, a yogi is settling down for her morning meditation, and an elderly lady and her husband are on the front porch tending to her potted plants. Apart from the fact that they all reside on the same street, the three of them have a cannabis experience. However, each person’s motivation differs: one wants to unwind, one wants to get energized, and one wants focus. Each then picks up a unique strain of cannabis. The message “one size does not fit all” is painted through the ad.

In Viola’s biggest ad campaign to date, their experiences are intertwined in a 90-second short film. This short video and the three stories is the focal point of its newly launched and redesigned product line. Harrington named the brand after his grand mother. And Viola aims to educate consumers and guide them as they decide on what to consume based on how they want to feel.

The Mission Behind It All

“Consumers told us they get overwhelmed in a dispensary, where there’s a lot of clutter,” Najee Tyler, Viola’s director of brand marketing, told Adweek. “And they might not be comfortable talking to a budtender, someone they don’t know, telling them their problems and issues.” He claims that the initial concept for it came to him in late 2020. After almost two years, Viola Vibes System plans to continue educating its clients from all walks of life.

“[Viola Vibes] point people in the right direction and help them find their way around,” Tyler said. “It also can help them find their purpose—why are they consuming?”


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