Up in Smoke: The Business of Cannabis in Detroit is a Disaster

This article was originally published on BLAC® Finance.

The state of Michigan recorded $163 million in recreational marijuana revenues last month. But in Detroit, there are 63 licensed dispensaries, and none sell recreational marijuana. 

The disparity comes after two years of city officials trying to oversee only an adult-use market in Detroit and reflect the city’s demographics, giving special treatment to long-time residents or those who live in areas disproportionately targeted by criminal enforcement.  Add the numerous lawsuits from current and prospective cannabis dispensary owners, and you have a grand mess, resulting in the opposite of what was intended.  

As we have reported here, the Black Cannabis Licensed Business Owners Association of Detroit claims of the more than 60 licensed dispensaries in the city, only 10 percent are Black-owned. 

Politico Cannabis Editor Paul Demko has put together a fascinating article on the Detroit marijuana disaster, and you can read it here. 


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