From the legacies of Tina Turner and Betty Davis to the influential cadences present today, Black women have left and continue to leave a significant imprint on the Rock & Roll genre. A momentous event titled ‘Black Women Rock, Now and Forever‘ is about to recognize these extraordinary women, using music and dialogue to celebrate their immeasurable contributions. This two-day tribute is set to showcase the potency and resilience of contemporary Black women musicians.

A Tribute in Melody: The Daughters of Betty Perform

This celebration begins with a musical tour de force by ‘Daughters of Betty’, previously known as ‘Black Women Rock!’. This collective of formidable women comprises Divinity Roxx, Kimberly Nicole, Imani Uzuri, Liza Colby, and Afani Warren of Susu, Militia Vox, Stefanie Christi’an, with Jessica CARE Moore as ‘We are Scorpio’. The group will light up the stage on July 20th, at 8 p.m, at the revered Detroit Institute of Arts’ Detroit Film Theatre.

Their performance will not only pay tribute to the trailblazers who came before them but also emphasize the enduring presence of Black women in the genre. Through their music, they’ll illustrate the resilience and strength of women who continue to navigate the complex landscape of Rock & Roll.

Engaging Discourse: Rock & Roll, Race & Radical Women

The following day, host Jessica CARE Moore will usher in an enlightening discourse under the banner ‘Rock & Roll, Race & Radical Women‘. The session scheduled at noon on July 21st will feature these dynamic women from ‘Daughters of Betty’, dissecting their own experiences and revealing illuminating insights about the state of Black women in Rock & Roll.

Taking place at the NEW Carr Center Performance Studio, the discussion will delve into narratives of race, gender, and music. Coupled with a visual art exhibition at the Irwin House Gallery running throughout the weekend, the event promises to be a deeply engaging exploration.


Lock in these dates for a magnetic blend of musical prowess and stimulating conversations, celebrating the power and tenacity of Black women in Rock & Roll.

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