Charivari 2022 Drops the Beat This August

It’s just a little over a month until the highly anticipated electronic music festival in Detroit

Get up, dance, and rave. Charivari, the festival that defined Detroit’s electronic music scene, has released the dates and the musicians who’ll bring their latest and iconic beats.

The ninth iteration of Charivari Detroit Music Festival will run for four days from August 11 to 14, 2022 over different stages.

“Techno is a Detroit creation and Detroit is flush with the pioneers and present day masters of the genre,” Charivari proudly claims.

The goal of the festival is to celebrate Detroit’s contributions to electronic dance music (EDM) culture. Charivari serves up the pioneers and the best of house, techno, funk, disco, jazz, electro, and pop music — and all other subgenres and fusions of electronic music.

There will be seasoned masters of the genre, and emerging talent in the scene. You will find artists you love, and artists you will love.


Charivari boasts that it isn’t just any concert. It’ll be an immersive experience with multiple stages allowing simultaneous performances by large groups of people. 

There will be an all-female stage, named the “Wonderful” stage, to promote and support the women in the industry who are often overshadowed or overlooked in the entertainment scene.

The “Techno Originals” stage brings you the iconic, and the beloved names and tunes in Detroit’s Techno music scene. The “Fresh” stage brings you the newest, the underground, and the freshest names and beats. And the “Future” stage will serve you up the unpredictable, experimental, and never-before-heard.

Charivari will also pay homage to the havens of electronic music outside Detroit. The “FROM 312” stage will give the spotlight to the best House music DJs from Chicago. The “West Coast,” and “Atlanta” stages will transport you across the United States through the unique tunes and vibes iconic to these places.

And if all that hype has you wanting to party right now, Charivari has you covered. The festival will be throwing a pre-party this July 8, 2022.

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