Chedda Boy Films is set to premiere its latest film, “Off the Porch,” a dark comedy yet cautionary tale of how dire circumstances can lead to desperate choices, this Saturday, December 10 at AMC Livonia.

Executive produced by Kwende “Streetlord Rook” Ried, and written and directed by Ronnie Kirk, the film stars Jamal Ward, Glen “Looze” Cannon, Sysko “Lavon” Green, Darnell “Lil Blade” Lindsay, Crystal “The Doll” Hughes, Overlord Scooch, Snap Dogg, Streetlord Rook and Streetlord Juan.

Jumping Off the Porch

In the course of one chaotic summer, the lives of an emerging rap artist, an established rap artist and a music video director are dramatically transformed by their involvement in the a Detroit drug gang war. 

“Off the porch, commonly known as “jumping off the porch,” is another way to say loss of innocence,” explains Ronnie Kirk, the COO of Chedda Boy films who also serves as the head writer and director. “For most people from inner cities, it’s associated with the day they started building their name in the streets. We are telling multiple stories of layered characters that intersect. What connects them is their desire to escape their circumstances and they learn that doing whatever it takes to make it out, should come with limitations.”

Chedda Boy Films

Founder and CEO, Kwende Ried, who is one of the original members of the pioneering Detroit hip hop group, Streetlordz, launched Chedda Boy Films 15 years ago, after his release from prison. He has become an eminent filmmaker after surviving a lucrative and often times risky street life during his teens and early adulthood. “It’s ten times harder for Black males to survive the harsh realities of the streets because hood life comes with so many pressures,” adds Ried. “Pressure to get money for girls, pressure to get money so they can get out of the streets, pressure to leave behind the messed up circumstances they come from. A lot of people succumb to the harsh realities in some shape or form, whether it’s sex, drugs or money.”


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