“Chedda Boys” Premieres in Detroit 

Detroit's Own Chedda Boys in theaters Friday June 24
Detroit's Own Chedda Boys in theaters Friday June 24

“Chedda Boys,” the movie is premiering this Friday, Jun 24, 2022, at 7 p.m. at Bel Air Luxury Cinema in Detroit. Written and produced with Detroit native, rapper, director, executive producer and actor, Kwende “Street Lord Rook” Ried (“Off the Porch,” “One More Flip,” “Surprise!”).

The music archive website last.fm tells us that Ried was a part of the Detroit legendary rap group the Street Lord’z who released their debut album in 1988. Throughout their time, they featured hit songs like “Come Roll,” “Chedda Boyz” and “Platinum Roleez Don’t Tic Toc.” The group worked with rappers from around the world like Capon-N-Noreaga, Juvenile, Beanie Sigel, Too $hort, and E-40. 

The Detroit-based and bred movie titled “Chedda Boys,” is inspired by the city’s rap and street scene that formed the foundation of the style and culture of ‛Detroit Rap.’

The film follows a rising basketball star, King, who was raised in a family filled with drug dealers and is ready to make a name for himself in the streets. After graduating, King joins his cousins Yatta and Duke to grow the family business, which leads to a world of pride, greed, arrogance, violence, and envy.

“Chedda Boys” stars VH1’s ‘Love and Hip-Hop’ star Erica Pinkett (“All Eyez on Me””), and local rappers from the group Doughboyz Cashout, make their film debut. The movie also features Overlord Scooch (“Off the Porch”), and local tattoo artist Tattooman Paige (“Asbury Park”). 


BLAC spoke with Ried about his past, present, and future in Detroit’s budding film industry.

“Chedda Boys,” writer and director Kwende “Street Lord Rook” Ried. Photo Courtesy of Kahn Santori Davison Photography

BLAC: What drew you to the creative industry, and film industry?

Reid: Years ago, I was at a studio with a guy named Calvin. He was trying to persuade me to do a film back in 2000. When he was telling me about it, I was thinking about the budget. He quoted it at $2,000–$2,500. At the time I had the money, and that’s all it costs.

I wanted to do the film. I came back to Detroit, and I started working on the film. 

BLAC: What did your first film experience teach you?

Reid: I learned that films last, like 30 years. It’s a passive income from royalties. I’ve always been interested in that form of making money. That’s what got me in.

BLAC: How did your past influence what you’re doing now?

Reid: The popular Detroit popular rap group, the Street Lord’z — I rapped with them. We were pretty popular in music, and I have always been in the music and entertainment industry.

“Chedda Boys” movie is a fictional story based around characters, but I also want to do a series based on me and my friends where we talk about how we wound up in federal prison for a marijuana charge in 2004. At the time, it was the largest marijuana case in Michigan history where they charged us for 40 million. I wanna discuss the whole case and what happened.

Hopefully, this movie generates enough money to make a separate Street Lord’z series because I don’t think it could all be told in one movie. 

BLAC: Why does this story need to be told? 

Reid: In my life, I’ve done a lot of bad things. I put a lot of negativity in the world with my decision to sell marijuana and be on the street. The “Chedda Boys” film is a story about decision-making. If I put some good in the world through films, I influence people to make better decisions and better choices. It would be better for our community. I hope to put out some more good on the streets.

BLAC: What can we expect from the red carpet release? 

Reid: You can expect a lot of talent to come out. Everybody’s going to have a good time. The last event sold out in Royal Oak. People said we did better than AvengersBLAC: There’s also a Chedda Boy Soundtrack. Can you tell us about that?

Reid: The “Chedda Boy” soundtrack is coming. It has Sada Baby, Payroll Giovanni, Babyface Ray, and quite a few up-and-coming Detroit artists like Little Blade and more. It’s gonna be a great soundtrack. I am looking forward to continuing to put the city on the map more and just make quality projects.

BLAC: Your last film sold out at the premier as well as had one million views on Tubi. How have the streaming platforms helped you elevate your film career? 

Reid: I’m more recognizable in the public that’s for sure. In my last film, I played DeMarco Beasley. He was the bad guy in the movie. A lot of people recognize me and talk about that film. It feels good to know you created something that other people say is good and give it a 10 out of 10, or someone posts about it and it goes viral.

Streaming allows me to be an independent filmmaker. I think it’s a blessing. It shows me that there’s a market for what I’m doing, and there are people who enjoy what I put out. 

BLAC: What’s next for the Chedda Boys?

Reid: There’s more coming from “Chedda Boys”, we got six movies in the making, and we got five movies done. Viewers can go see “One More Flip” on Amazon, and the “Chedda Boys” will soon be on Amazon. We have “Off The Porch,” “Five Minutes,” “Outside,” and “Hot Girl Summer” on the way. We are working. 

For more information and advance ticket sales visit Eventbrite and follow Chedda Boy Films on Instagram and their website.

“Chedda Boys” Premieres in Detroit
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“Chedda Boys” Premieres in Detroit
The film, inspired by the eponymous Detroit crew, the Chedda Boys, follows a rising basketball star, King, who was raised in a family filled with drug dealers, ready to make a name for himself in the streets.

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