Dave’s Bar-B-Que in Detroit for Delicious BBQ Food and Feasts

To dine in the southern comfort of Dave's Bar-B-Que is an eating and traveling experience rolled into one-and piano player extraordinaire Jim "Kicker" Womack plays the perfect tunes to accompany this journey through tastes.

"The atmosphere is meant to be as if you stepped right into a New Orleans bistro where you can sit down for a bowl of gumbo and hear some good music," says Womack, who has played with the likes of The Miracles, Gladys Knight, and The Temptations as a backup keyboardist for Motown. "A bite of New Orleans, right here in Detroit."

Part of the allure of visiting New Orleans' off-the-beaten-path cafes is the opportunity to indulge in tasty cuisine that seems undiscovered. Dave's Bar-B-Que on Eight Mile Road in Detroit is not exactly off-path, but it still brings the excitement of discovering authentic bayou flavor on its menu.

Cajun spiced wings, candied yams, catfish and rib slabs sweating homemade sauce are among favorites, but Dave's signature gumbo is where the soul of southern cooking lies-a spicy combination of chicken, andouille sausage and lobster in a thick, sweet mixture of rice, okra and herbs.

Diners can play on an available chess set and bring their own beverages, consumed in plastic side containers, to further relax in the atmosphere.


Trumpets, food photographs and indistinct awards and proclamations line the walls of Dave's down-home dining space, offering an additional feast for the eyes. And there's one sign warning, "To make you slap yo' mama." If you do, she may just forgive you once she tastes her dish.

Dave's Bar-B-Que is located at 16046 E. Eight Mile Road, Detroit. For more information, call 313-854-1417.To discover other local Detroit hot spots, visit the BLAC Stores & Shop.

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