Black Gold Publishing and Jade Aurora are proud to announce the return of Motor City Witches – The Series.

The series, which was a hit with readers everywhere, is now coming back with a third installment that will be hitting bookstores and digital media outlets in 2024.

Motor City Witches is an adult, African American series of black empowerment, sisterhood and community. It follows the lives of three friends – Rachelle, Sarai, and Louise – who all dabble in the occult. The series not only excites but is relatable to readers everywhere. With various topics ranging from love, self-awareness, personal growth, and even suicide there are a multitude of emotionally powered moments within the title that seek to both intrigue and educate.

Jade Aurora, a compassionate yet fierce Detroit native and author of fantasy novels, is bringing new perspective to a genre that often tends to exclude black writers. Not only is she exploring these untapped regions of literature, but she’s opting not to conform by directing our hearts back to the voices and conflicts of African American people by keeping both her topics and characters richly black and culturally remarkable.

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