Detroit Native Page Kennedy takes on Vine, Hollywood

ant to see the future of what it looks like to make it as a comedian? Look no further than Detroit native Page Kennedy: Internet sensation, Vine star and all-around rising star who plays Officer Frank Moto on Fox's Backstrom.

What's the best thing about playing Officer Frank Moto?

I'm on the right side of the law finally, because usually I play characters that are on the wrong side of the law. So I think that's cool. I can legally walk around with a gun. And I can be a badass.

How did you start doing these funny Vines?

Three years ago I used to do YouTube videos because I wanted to find my audience that knew me from TV and movies. I wanted them to support me online because I wanted to have my own name known instead of being that guy from other projects. I wanted to give them what I thought was funny.

What makes you think something is 'funny'?

Something unexpected. A twist in something when my brain is thinking it's going to go one way and it goes another way. Then just obvious behavior can be funny, anyway.

Why do you think Detroit gives people such a good sense of humor? Is it the struggle?

I think that's a traditional thing to do. You take this tragedy that you have seen or had or gone through and you try to make light of it-make fun of it so that it doesn't depress you. And it doesn't take over everything. You don't give it power anymore so, to a certain degree, in film, that's what I try to do.


Give me your example of a bad joke.

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

Guess who?

Guess who, who?

I guess who you will know next time to look through the peephole. (He laughs) That was a terrible recreation of a terrible joke.

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