Deva Mahal is set to drop a two-part EP series entitled, Future Classic, with Volume 1 — Classic set for release this Friday, March 17, 2023.

Future Classic follows her critically-acclaimed debut studio album, Run Deep, featuring the acclaimed artist in her element as she pays tribute to iconic singers (i.e. Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, etc.) who’ve paved the way for the next generation of Black women artists. Volume 1 — Classic is steeped in the essence of 21st century Black music with Deva back in the spotlight. Co-produced by Deva, Volume 1 — Classic is an intimate portrayal of one of today’s foremost vocalists as she invites fans into her life with the bedroom recording of the year unveiling on March 17, 2023. Deva proudly built a recording studio in her bedroom in Wellington, New Zealand as a direct platform for her to portray her greatest strengths as a full-sized Black woman as well as her vulnerabilities.

On Read recalls old school soulful ballads with a longing that you can feel through the speakers. A song that I particularly liked was Travel with Me—its smoothness and soulfulness were incredible.

If you love Soul and R&B music there is a little something for everyone on this album. We certainly think it’s worth a listen!

See Deva Mahal in action to witness the talent for yourself below


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