Drake has been all across the world, from the streets of his hometown Toronto to the luxurious skyscrapers in Dubai. But in all his travels doing shows and making appearances, Detroit is one of the cities that has managed to claim a special place in his heart. All musical artists of course claim to love every city that they visit, but after the weekend that Drake had while performing at Little Caesar’s Arena, it’s safe to say that his love for the Motor City is for real.

The first night was nothing but music and positive energy. Drake took the stage with his tour-mate and long-time collaborator 21 Savage on the night of July 8th and played all the hits for the sold-out arena including God’s Plan, Jimmy Cooks, Marvin’s Room, and Knife Talk. This was the first time that the multi-platinum rapper had touched a stage in Detroit since pre-pandemic and the crowd made sure to show him love by throwing bras, panties, and even sneakers on stage. The clutter on the platform eventually started to get out of hand, and he was forced to politely ask his fans to stop so he could continue the show. The good vibes and offerings of undergarments from the crowd moved Drake to the point that he decided to reveal some exciting info on his next big album.

“Imma give away one thing off the album in Detroit here tonight because I’ve got a lot of love for Detroit. So Imma have to tell you that me and Nicki Manaj did our first song together in like, a really long time. I got a lot of love for her.”

In addition to announcing the upcoming Nicki feature, he also revealed that his new project is in the process of mixing and mastering, meaning that we could have it before the summer is out.

Photo Courtesy of Prince Williams/Wireimage

Drizzy’s stay here wasn’t all champagne and rich flexes though. During the July 9th concert, he and 21 Savage were informed on stage that the show had run too long and they were violating the city curfew. Every minute the concert continued he would be fined $10,000. However, in a true show of love for the fans and for the city of Detroit, he brushed off the warning and proceeded to perform for another 23 minutes, racking up a total of $230,000 in fines.


After a weekend of back-to-back sold-out shows, big album reveals, and almost a quarter of a $1,000,000 owed to the city, it’s safe to say that Drake really does have lots of love for the D. And without a doubt, the people of Detroit have a lot of love for him as well.

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