Fashion Brand Eumelanin Plays on the Chemical Structure of Melanin


Black pride has made a huge resurgence, and that’s particularly evident at EUMELANIN. Created by Detroiter and Cass Tech graduate Deirdre Roberson, the EUMELANIN clothing line features the visual chemical structure of melanin on a range of brown T-shirts and hoodies, mimicking the various shades of skin tones found in Black and brown communities.

“The company is designed to celebrate the power of Black and brown people around the world to change the conversation around racism and colorism, and to make sure we can see ourselves represented in fashion,” Roberson says.

The chemist by trade launched her line on March 22, 2018 – her grandfather’s birthday. “Being a darker-skinned Black woman, I’ve always heard negative things about the way I look and about my skin tone,” she says. “My grandfather was the person who always affirmed me. He passed away when I was 13, but I always remember how he always empowered us.”

EUMELANIN’s line also features crop tops and hats. Jewelry is available, too, with the signature melanin structure to which Roberson owns the fashion trademark. “I built it up because I knew people were going to be coming, so I was always just working on the back end,” she says.

And building it up is exactly what she’ll continue to do. Roberson is currently studying at the Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center, where she is learning how to make her shirts from scratch. “By November, I will be fully learned on three different (sewing machines), and I’ll be ready to launch my full line next fall.”



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