Feature Editor: Ann Duke, Accessories Styling: Marv Neal

Detroit has always been a city of style. From the days of Motown to the present, the city has produced some of the most fashion-forward people in the world. In recent years, Detroit has seen a resurgence in its fashion scene. “Thanks to partnerships with Gucci and other high-end designers, the city continues to attract well deserved attention to its style,” says publisher Billy Strawter, Jr., “Stylemakers is the culmination of everything that BLAC represents. We recognize the historical and cultural importance of black style and its monumental influence in fashion yesterday, today and tomorrow. BLAC Stylemakers shines a light on that influence by celebrating the diverse and brilliant fashionable people in Detroit’s Black community. We are excited to introduce our readers to the fabulous Stylemakers of Detroit. This list is just a small glimpse of the talent and style that this great city has to offer.”

Please join BLAC, Neiman Marcus and Hallmark’s Mahogany as we celebrate the people that bring Detroit style to life. 

The 2022 BLAC StyleMakers
Stylemakers (left to right) Darryl Humes, Jr., DeKoven Humes, Kimmie Horne, Chuck Bennett, Maurielle Lue, Mike Bonner,
Vetra Stephens, Ty Davis, Tombi and Larrissa Spears.

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