Busy Stylists in Detroit You Should Know

Let BLAC introduce you to some busiest stylists in Detroit who are turning the city into a fashion capitol

Detroit Stylists You Should Know

With fashion week season in preparation-mode, and auto show right around the corner BLAC spotlights Detroit’s most busiest fashion stylists who made the most impact during Detroit’s year of comeback, creating looks for top designers like Oscar de la Renta to Gucci and Google. While you might think that stylists only work at dressing an individual, these Detroit stylists are taking style to another level with the launch of clothing brands and brick and mortars. Let us introduce you to some busy Detroit stylists you should know.

Kimberly M. Dobine via Instagram

Fashion stylist Kimberly M. Dobine in Detroit is owner of Posh and Popular and just days away from having a new addition to her family. Her brand was founded in 2013, and since then, it has grown into a global clothing line. Dobine expanded what started as a fashion blog for friends to provide advice into a concierge service that empower and uplift ladies around Detroit through beauty and style. Since starting expanding her business, Dobine has organized elaborate gatherings for female employees of Fortune 500 firms, including General Motors. She constantly gives aspiring stylists, makeup artists, and cosmetologists the chance to showcase their talents and get exposure.

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Aakira Lauryn (leftmost)

Michigan Native Aarika Lauryn began her career in 2013 developing model portfolios. Shortly after, Lauryn was a signed artist with Factor Chosen Chicago, modeling agency, where she developed a name for herself as a go-getter. Lauryn later studied at the esteemed London College of Style where she refined her skills and gained expertise in editorial styling, personal styling, film/TV and concept development. Fueled and inspired by the iconic U.K. fashion scene, Lauryn returned home to Michigan becoming a distinguished Personal & Editorial Fashion Stylist.

She has applied her skills working backstage for multiple seasons of New York and London Fashion Week for designers such as Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Julien Macdonald, Desigual and Diesel Black Gold. In addition, she worked with publications such as Candid, Streets, Love, Grazia UK and Hunger, becoming versed in artfully emanating client vision.

Lauryn continually strives to exceed client expectations. She is known for creating what can only be considered as art. Infusing both classic & modern styles and creating unique garments/props.

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Daun Green

Daun Green, known for her brand Dusk Til Daun, operates her own styling business in Oak Park. Her clients include Rhare Footage, Spoiled Forever, and The City Warehouse. She began her career at Walk Fashion Show working with her mentor Emma and is a self-taught fashion stylist who loves the fast-paced environment of a fashion show backstage. When every thing moving quickly and she’s moving faster than she could think, she feels at peace. Experiencing that sense of comfort while running up and down behind-the-scenes for the spectacle of runway made her decide that this was what she wanted to do as a career.

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4. Erin Joris

Erin Joris

Erin Joris believes that having a good style doesn’t require having a lot of clothes, nor having pricey pieces. As a professional stylist to watch, Joris has worked with clients that include eBay Sneakers, Google, and Vanity Planet. She loves simple wardrobe essentials and understands that adaptable pieces is the key to good fashion. She presents her self-described “minimalistic fashion” style on Instagram by wearing immaculate white button-down shirts, loose jeans, and chic accessories. Her feed is full of partnerships from retailers like Urban Outfitters, Target, and Fashion Nova. For her, a fashionable attire doesn’t have to be expensive.

Find Erin Joris @authenticallyair

5. Martinaé Patton

Martinaé Patton

Martinaé Patton is an editorial and commercial wardrobe stylist from Detroit. Since starting her career in 2017, she has dazzled clients and audiences with her eye-catching, meticulously-curated outfits that highlights her creative eye and avant-garde approach to fashion. She has styled for NOTSHY a Paris boutique and commercials for Footlocker and Gucci. She has provided creative supervision across a number of photoshoots, including a series of her own that is still going strong called “Freedom?” She has styled for Bre’Ann White’s exhibit titles “The Definition of Red,” and worked with Detroit P.A.L. and Detroit Pistons’ for their “Season of Giving” campaign.

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