“a guru is an industry authority; a mystical, magical spiritual person who provides insight. I am the style guru, the master of style.”

Chuck Bennet

The name “Chuck Bennett” is synonymous with Detroit fashion and style. For over 40 years, he’s been master of ceremonies for fashion shows, galas, and star-studded events. And the go-to for fashion advice on daily network television shows. “I’ve always loved beautiful clothes and throughout my life I’ve done many things in the fashion industry. I’ve modeled fashion, I’ve sold fashion. I was a fashion merchandising student at Wayne State University and I was a fashion editor at the Detroit News and I’ve also designed fashion.”

2022 Stylemaker Chuck Bennett. Photo by Boswell Hardwick.

Most recently transitioning to contributing style expertise to Fox 2 News, the Detroit News and Hour Magazine’s annual style issue. “I think you’re born with it. It can be enhanced and refined but either you have it or you don’t have it. We all know people who have lots of money and they always look a hot mess so it has nothing to do with how much money you make. Some people are misguided and they need some direction. Most people have some beauty in them and people like me, pull it out.”

The Chuck Bennett Please and Thank You Foundation provides and educates our inner-city youth by acquiring proper etiquette training to further excel in life education and business. The foundation connects youth with positive role models, so that they may learn about opportunities offered them with the proper foundation.

2022 Stylemaker Chuck Bennett. Photo by Boswell Hardwick

While most flock to cities like New York, Paris or Milan for fashion inspiration, style masters like Chuck Bennett have created a Detroit sustainable fashion scene that have allowed designers like Tracy Reese and Tommie Walker, Jr. to thrive on a worldwide platform. “It’s not easy, especially in a town like Detroit. We are in a town that’s working very hard to establish itself as a working fashion town where clothes are being manufactured, designers are having shows to launch their collections.

“Fashion can make you very insecure. Even the most fashionable people still need some reassurance. When I get dressed, it’s nice to hear from someone else that I look good. Make sure you trust the people of the opinions that you ask. You have to get someone to work with you that you respect and don’t be afraid to ask them because you need another set of eyes and that reassurance.”

Chuck Bennett

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