Brittany and Johnny Adams are a power couple and power hustlers who started a business at the onset of the COVID-19, and launched another during the pandemic. Together, they’ve built HKK (Hustle Knowledge Kreate), a clothing brand that provides unique clothing for the everyday hustler.

Brittany and Johnny’s hustling journey began in 2019 when Johnny started his cleaning company.

“We took the courses together, and the business started out with just us while we were both still working full-time, with a small child,” Brittany told BLAC.

Their cleaning business currently employs nine and is actively providing services for 21 contracts.

All the roads from the cleaning business led to the creation of HKK after Brittany started to feel the tension and uncertainty brought by the pandemic.


“When the pandemic hit, I was under so much pressure. Working from home was completely new to me and everyone else, so I was desperate for an outlet,” Brittany said.

Brittany describes her marriage as mirroring the meaning behind HKK. She wants others to adopt that same mentality when they wear the brand.

“We’ve always had a lot of passion and I believe HKK was a great way for people to see the passion we have,” she said.

Although there were bumps in the road at the inception of HKK, Brittany and Johnny want everyone to go after their dreams and goals the HKK way.

“Money, exposure, and marketing were some of the hardest hurdles to overcome, which is pretty normal for most new business owners. Also, the pressure that can come with it trying to keep your target markets’ attention is tough. The industries we chose can be extremely competitive, but it isn’t as bothersome for me because I truly enjoy the creation process,” Brittany said.

She said she would encourage anyone to not listen to anyone else but themselves.

“If you have the urge to do it, do it. It’s just that simple. When you feel overwhelmed, remember why you started in the first place,” she added.

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