Say what you want about Detroit and its people, but don’t say that we don’t have style.. Created and operated by BLD (Black Leaders Detroit), Detroit Drip is an event created to highlight Black fashion and designers within the city. Held at the beautiful Icon event venue overlooking the Detroit River and hosted by the equally beautiful Asya Branch (Miss America 2020), this year was nothing but good vibes and great fashion.

Setting the Stage at Icon, The Heart of Detroit

The setting for the show was fantastic. Out in the garden area of The Icon, almost a hundred Black businesspeople, media persons, and fashionistas gathered to view the hottest styles put together by the next wave of Detroit designers. Food from local Black restaurants was served by staff and drinks from African-American owned brands were poured by Black Spirits Legacy Lounge. The DJ and band set the atmosphere by playing nothing but old Soul/R&B classics, even causing the crowd to break into the hustle a few times. It was clear that the BLD organizers went out of their way to include Black professionals in every way feasible. Resulting in an environment that felt both like a high-profile occasion and a comfortable get-together.

A Blend of High-Profile Glamour with Comfortable Familiarity

The event itself was part fashion show and part competition. Five categories made up the show. Afro-chic, Formal Wear, Urban Wear, Men’s Fashion, and Women’s fashion. Each group was given about 30 minutes to show off their outfits. Allowing all the designers a chance to speak to attendees about their clothing and design choices. Those attending weren’t just simple spectators either. At the end of each section, the audience would vote for their favorite outfit, and the winner of each vote would receive $5,000 from BLD. Resulting in $25,000 being given to local fashion designers.

Fashion Show Meets Competition: An Unorthodox Fashion Experience

While there were some winners and some losers, there were absolutely no scrubs in this competition. Every designer presenting put their all into their craft. No two designers’ outfits looked even remotely similar. The female-dominated Afro-chic category was full of beautiful outfits that mixed African tradition with African-American ideas of royalty. The Formal Wear category was an embodiment of what Black excellence dresses like. The Men’s, Women’s, and Urban categories showcased the brazen swag and style of Detroit through new and creative looks. No matter where they placed in the final vote, the competing stylists for sure made a name for themselves among the Black Detroit elites and will definitely be remembered by all in attendance for a long while.

A Parade of Inspiration: Showcasing Detroit’s Swag and Style

Detroit Drip was a fantastic celebration of the city’s culture and was a great way to give back to the community. Everything from the fashion to the food was unapologetically Black. There are very few events in Southeast Michigan that highlight Black creativity at such a high level, and even fewer that pour as much money into many Black businesses and creatives while doing it. BLD has created something truly special for Black Detroiters, and hopefully, we’ll get to see it grow bigger and better as time goes on.


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