Habab El Rufaie, founder and creative director of Barkal, is a woman who knows what she wants. She wants to make shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable, but also reflect her Sudanese heritage. She says that Barkal’s mission “is to provide footwear that is made with the finest quality materials while maintaining sustainable practices.”

Barkal was created with the goal of celebrating Sudanese history and tradition through a culturally treasured pair of shoes.

Barkal: A Shoe Brand That Is Preserving Sudanese Culture
Barkal Shoe

The brand offers “a gender-neutral footwear collection that is derived from traditional Sudanese men’s shoes.” That traditional Sudanese men’s shoe is named Markoub.

To get materials for what El Rufaie called “culturally treasured” footwear, she said Barkal works with suppliers in Italy.

Available in a variety of colors like Tangerine, Olive and Taupe, shoes in Barkal’s Core Collection are made from nappa leather and come in narrow or wide. The brand also has a Canvas Collection available. Price ranges from $195 to $200.


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