Fashion Designer Stella Jean Talks Building Career

Get insights on how to break into the fashion world

BLAC Fashion Designer Stella Jean
Stella Jean
Stella Jean collaborates with women of disadvantaged communities in Africa to create a sustainable and ethical supply chain in the fashion industry. Photo courtesy of Laboratorio delle Nazioni.

Listen to Stella Jean, one of most talented contemporary Black fashion designers teach you how to break into the industry. On Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Live on LinkedIn, Stella Jean’s talk is open to anyone on the platform. In an industry long criticized for lack of diversity and wastefulness, get a glimpse of how a Haitian-Italian got her start in fashion, and how she climbed its ranks to eventually land on the pages of the fashion bible, Vogue, with a brand of multiculturalism and sustainability. You will also get to ask your burning questions through the live broadcast’s chat function where the moderators will pool queries from viewers to ask the designer.

Jean is notably the only Black member of the Italian Chamber of Fashion, the definitive organization for Italian high fashion, and the organizer of Milan Fashion Week — one of the four biggest fashion events globally together with New York, London, and Paris.

Her rise as a designer can be traced to her participation in Vogue Italia’s “Who is on Next” contest where she bagged second place. She has reportedly been considered the protégé of Giorgio Armani who have asked her to showcase designs during Armani/Teatro space in 2013 Milan Fashion Week. In 2014, she created a collection made out of sustainably sourced, hand-made, printed fabrics from disadvantaged communities of Africa. “Muticulturalism is the gateway to social development … The point at which we could decide whether or not to deal with others different from us has already passed,” Stella Jean writes on her website. Her advocacy has been featured on many international stages, most notably, in front of the United Nations and the European Union.

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