Larrissa Spears, Model, Photographer and Influencer

“I just want to do as much as I can in the life that I have because not everyday is given.”

Stylemaker Larrissa Spears
2022 Stylemaker Larrissa Spears. Photo by Boswell Hardwick.

“I call myself the ‘Jill of All Trades.’ I am a make-up artist, a hair stylist, a photographer, a model and an accidental influencer,” Larrissa Spears describes herself, and she is indeed a woman of many talents and skills. She began her career in fashion and beauty as a make-up artist and hair stylist. After a long run of learning these crafts, she grabbed a camera during the pandemic and found another thing she loved. “I just started by taking pictures of myself. During the pandemic, I picked up a camera. I started taking pictures of other people.” But she wasn’t satisfied with being just the artist behind the lens. “Then, people wanted to take pictures of me, and it just kept growing and spiraling,” she narrates how she started as a model.

Larrissa believes that she has been able to thrive in the fashion and beauty industry because she built a strong community. She credits that as one of the main forces behind her success: “Having that community and having people stand behind you is so important.” And in Detroit, she thinks that building relationships is as breezy as it can get. “Detroit is such an awesome place to build community,” she describes the city. “People are nice to each other and embrace each other’s talents and skills.” Everyone in the city learns from each, she believes.

2022 Stylemaker Larrissa Spears. Photo by Boswell Hardwick

As someone who is called a plus-size by the industry, Larrissa became confident in her style by following the number one rule in fashion: make sure it fits. “My style has just been trial and error. Wearing what I love,” she reveals the secret behind her confidence. “I just go for what I love, what fits me well. And if it fits, I feel good about myself. I think that in turn exudes confidence.” The self-described Jill of all trades also appreciates that it is no longer such a challenge to find good clothes for women like her. “Growing up being tall and plus-sized, cute clothing options where hard to come by,” she says. “Now, I feel like the styling possibilities for curvy and plus size women are much more vast.” For her, it’s a time where all curves and sizes are celebrated and accommodated. “The time for curvy and plus size is now!” Larrissa declares. “There are so many stores that cater to plus size women. Not only carrying a wide range of sizes, but styles that are actually up to date and fashionable.”

“Detroit style is dynamic. It is bold and unique. The foundation of Detroit’s style is comprised of art, culture, and resourcefulness. Detroit style is created from the experiences of the people that live here. We are inspired by what is around us. The people, the art, the culture, and the environment all ignite beautiful influences.”

Stylemaker Larrissa Spears

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