Michigan Black-Owned Athletic Wear for Men

We’ve hunted down these well-made, Black-owned athletic wear so you can have more time crushing those reps

Detroit-based Vero Mastodon launched athletic brand for men.
Detroit-based Vero Mastodon launched athletic brand for men.

The right athletic gear can make you feel much more inspired, confident and passionate about your workouts — whether you’re exploring a new fitness adventure or you’re a consistent gym rat. We’ve saved you the effort of hunting down well-made, Black-owned athletic wear so you can better spend that energy pushing yourself harder towards your goals. Check out these three Black-owned brands, two of which are manufactured in Michigan, that will make you look your best and help you perform at your peak. Now, it’s time to crush those reps.

1Moneyball Sportswear

Moneyball Sportswear offers completely personalized uniform choices so that groups of players may express their unique team spirit in concert on the field. Desmond Ferguson, a former NBA player who was born in Michigan, founded the activewear brand in 2002 to dominate the team apparel market. Since then, the company has expanded to provide athletic wear for men, women, boys, and girls. Moneyball Sportswear has clothing for every member of the family as well as the athlete in you, including t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, and polos.

2Actively Black

Lanny Smith, former professional basketball player, founded the Black-owned company Actively Black. The athlete saw a lack of support for and investment in the communities whose culture gives those big companies their cool appeal. This high-end athletic wear and sportswear company give back to Black communities to help them become more mentally and physically healthy. “Our coolness, our talents, our creativity have been mined and exploited without care for our Black lives,” the brand wrote on their website. “For too long we have asked for a seat at the table and been ignored. So we decided to build our own table.”

3Vero Mastodon

Dominique Jeray Collier, the CEO of Vero Mastodon, is an athlete who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. His company seeks to keep people motivated to exercise and always aims for the Black community’s best interests. Dominique is a Maryland resident who likes to train for men’s physique competitions. He balances working on the activewear brand, developing partnerships with other company owners in the DMV and New Jersey region, and his bodybuilding career.

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