Telfar bags, stamped with their signature “T” logo, have become some of the most highly sought-after handbags on the market. It only feels right that Telfar Clemens would design a beautiful wallet to accompany them — and you can bet they’ll sell out just as fast.

The brand took to its social media accounts to make the exciting announcement: “Telfar wallets are dropping super soon. You asked and asked and asked,” the Tweet read, “we took our time AND DID IT RIGHT.”

The glossy, leather wallet features a distinct, semi-circular shape designed to mimic the brand’s signature logo. With six card compartments inside, as well as a capacious cash pocket, the zippered billfold is spacious, but compact.

Like the brand’s viral Shopping Bags, each Telfar Wallet is embossed with their trademark “T” emblem and is available in a bevy of trend-forward colors. Shoppers will have 17 shades to consider — from classic neutrals to timely hues like “Barbie pink,” “millennial green” and “shocking yellow.” The price? These babies will run you $144 a pop.

Designs are now shoppable on the Telfar website.


Who is Telfar Clemons?

Telfar Clemons is a Black Liberian-American fashion designer, DJ, and founder of TELFAR, a gender-neutral fashion label. According to Lyst, a company that catalogs search traffic, Telfar bags were the third most wanted item in fashion in 2021, behind Birkenstocks and Off-White facemasks. Price is often a consideration when defining luxury, but Telfar’s prestige positioning is due to its exclusivity and quality.

Thanks to a rise of activism and social awareness due to protests happening around the country, Black businesses have been experiencing an uptick in sales. The Telfar bag has been one of the big winners in the Buy Black boom.

Coined the “Bushwick Birkin” by New York Magazine, the Telfar Bag was originally released in 2014. Six years later it’s the hottest, most talked-about accessory in the market and it swiftly sells out each time a new bag drops. 

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