‛Grand Theft Auto’ Unveils First Female Protagonist

It’s the first woman included in the game to not be beaten, solicited for sex, or robbed

Grand Theft Auto VI reveals first female lead.
Grand Theft Auto VI reveals first female lead.

Hot video game franchise “Grand Theft Auto” has officially announced its debut playable female protagonist, marking the first woman included in the game to not be beaten, solicited for sex, or robbed.

Grand Theft Auto VI First Look Teaser
Grand Theft Auto VI

As reported by Bloomberg report, the new character will be unveiled in “Grand Theft Auto VI” and be a co-lead for the central “Bonnie and Clyde”-esque storyline. She will also be of Latina descent. As Bloomberg reported, “Developers are also being cautious not to ‘punch down’ by making jokes about marginalized groups, the people said, in contrast with previous ‘Grand Theft Auto’ games.” This GTA VI female character is intended to be the “brains” of the group, in charge of things related to technology and hacking.

“Grand Theft Auto VI” is anticipated to be released as part of developer Take-Two’s 2024 fiscal year after being in the works for almost a decade since 2014. Originally rumored to be titled “Project Americas,” maker of the franchise, Rockstar, aimed to be the biggest “Grand Theft Auto” game featuring territories modeled off of North and South America. However, a new map shows the game will center on a fictionalized version of Miami and add new missions and cities with gradual updates.

As for the long-awaited (and long-rumored) movie adaptation, Take-Two Interactive head Strauss Zelnick previously said during The Wrap’s 2021 The Grill conference that a film would “ruin” the game and vice versa.

Details surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI have been kept secret, but a new report reveals the series’ first-ever female protagonist and its location. Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games.

“As soon as you give people a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ opportunity in a motion picture, you know what it does? It ruins the motion picture because you have destroyed that suspension of disbelief,” Zelnick explained. “Even though I sometimes think, I’m watching ‘White Lotus’ and I would kind of like something else to happen, or ‘Ozark,’ I would really like something else to happen, but if I get to make something else happen, I can no longer believe in it. It can’t be real for me in that moment. Whereas GTA Online is real for you because of your engagement.”

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