Graphic Artist Ndubisi Okoye Melds Art, Commerce and Activism

Ndubisi Okoye

Whether it’s painting murals or creating graphics, artist Ndubisi Okoye creates bright, eye-catching work, teeming with color and elevating the Black figure. Okoye’s interest in art began in high school but really started to take shape while studying advertising design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. “I thought I was going to play football, but when that didn’t work out, I bet everything on being creative,” he says.

During college, Okoye dug into the creative process, becoming familiar with graphic design techniques and painting. His first mural came while working on an internship, which allowed him to explore both of these talents. Since then, his work has caught the interest of major companies, allowing him to work with brands like Mercedes-Benz and Universal Music Group.

Currently, Okoye is continuing to develop his career in these two mediums. Okoye works as creative director for clothing brand Merit Goodness’ FATE Program, and he’s preparing for an upcoming campaign with Pepsi.

His murals haven’t slowed down either, recently partnering with Detroit-based 1xRUN and the American Civil Liberties Union to create a mural to encourage voting. Along with the mural, Okoye created a step-by-step slideshow on his Instagram page breaking down his process for less experienced artists.

Ndubisi Okoye
Photo by Bre’Ann White

“I always want to give those keys to as many young creators as I can,” he says. “It can help them, and they can realize there are other opportunities than just being a doctor or a lawyer or an athlete. You can also be creative.” 



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